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seniors with their caregivers

Trusted Homecare Process

MHA Trusted Homecare Process are the steps that determine how successful we are from the time an individual is assessed to an individual no longer receiving services from us.  We have proven guidelines and techniques that will align our caregivers with readiness to care for you.

Phases of MHA Trusted Homecare Process

Referral Period

Once you have accepted MHA as the agency of choice, we will meticulously work with you and your family, to ensure all physical, emotional and mental aspects are addressed during this period with our licensed specialist.

Assessment Zone

Our Registered Nurse will assess your condition and place you with the appropriate caregiver.

Quality Monitoring

MHA will re-evaluate your progression to make sure that you and your family members are happy with our services being implemented.  If you chose to continue using our services, we would re-assess your current care level if needed, or proceed with the existing service plan in place.

These proven methods are in place to cater to your every need, knowing that you deserve the very best while receiving care in your home.

MHA Goal

Our goal is to position the client with various resources during the Trusted Homecare Process phase with the anticipation of creating an atmosphere of quality care through our trained team of Care Specialists.

Phases of MHA Trusted Homecare Process